The Crown Foundation

The Organization

The Crown Foundation (2020) is a non-profit organization committed to develop and promote a complete, free and open-source technology for creating videogames and other real-time multimedia applications.

We want to support the education of the next generation of game engine programmers through the use of good engineering practices in an inclusive and respectful community, favoring the formation and sustaining the growth of a diverse group of passionate and competent individuals capable of maintaining and advancing the open-source gamedev realm.


By donating to The Crown Foundation you are funding the development of Crown Engine, the writing of its manual, the Foundation's overheads and the growth of the open-source software community as a whole.

We want to expand our core contributors base to help us test, document, fix bugs and add missing features to Crown, in an effort to release version 1.0.

With just a handful of generous monthly donations, we will be able to offer competitive salaries to a small team of full-time dedicated individuals to considerably speed up the development processes.

Board Members

  • Daniele Bartolini (Founder and president)
  • Michele Rossi (Founder and vice-president)
  • Alessio Bianchetti (Founder)
  • Simone Gazzoli (Founder)

Join the Foundation

Members of The Crown Foundation will have access to the institutional meetings where they will be able to influence the Foundation's future directions in a fully inclusive and democratic environment.

Drop us a line asking to join!